Our capacity;

Cylindrical grinding up to -6850 mm length and 1250 mm diameter

  • Concave and convex grinding to 6850 mm length and 1050 mm diameter
  • Table grinding up to 470mm diameter and 600mm height with +/- 2μm accuracy
  • Grinding holes with a diameter of 500 mm and a depth of 200 mm with a precision of 0.01
  • 1300 mm in-pipe processing capacity for parts up to 700 mm diameter and 6000 mm paint.

In this unit, steel rolls, copper rolls, cast iron rolls, stonite rolls, paper rolls and all kinds of polyurethane rolls, all kinds of hard rubber and polyurethane rolls cylindrical grinding

L = 6500 0 = 1250 and the curved grinding operations L = 6850 0 = 1050 (KONKAV-KONVEKS) are carefully manufactured with high quality.

In our facilities;

  • Steel rollers
  • Copper rollers
  • Stonik (stone) rollers
  • Paper rollers
  • Cast iron rolls
  • Polyamide rollers
  • For roll cylinders

and cylindrical, concave and convex stoning of all kinds of polyurethane, rubber rollers.